Three Es Necklace

Look at this pretty little rose gold initials necklace! My brother and sister-in-law gave it to me for Christmas after my third baby was born. The three Es are for Elias, Eva and Ezra.

And it’s rose gold. ❤ 

I love it and wanted to share in case you were looking for a gift for a mom in your life! It’s from Made By Mary on Etsy.




Green Smoothies Rock

My go-to (and to-go) breakfast is a green smoothie. It’s convenient, delicious and healthy. What’s not to love?

Think you don’t have time to throw together a smoothie? Here’s how I make it work:

Prep in advance. Using quart-size freezer bags, I add all the ingredients except for the liquid. On the label, I write the name of the smoothie and how much liquid to add. To increase the efficiency of the process, I choose one or two recipes to make in bulk at one time. Then, they all go into a drawer in the freezer.

Most of the recipes I use are from Simple Green Smoothies by Hansard and Sellner. One recipe makes two smoothies for me. Currently, my favorite is Simple Monkey on page 113.

In the morning, I pull a freezer bag out about 30 minutes before I need to leave. Sometime in that 30 minutes, I put the frozen ingredients in my Ninja blender with the liquid.

A minute or two before I leave, I start the blender, the kids cover their ears and act like the blender is louder than they are, I put on my shoes and jacket, and then the smoothie is ready to pour into a Tervis tumbler just before walking out the door.

Breakfast done.

eMeals vs. Real Plans

When it comes to meal planning, I’ll take all the help I can get. I’ve posted before about eMeals, the very first meal planning service I used.

Last year, I decided to give Real Plans a try. Elias has a mild gluten and dairy allergy, so I wanted to see if another meal planning service may be better for my family.

After using Real Plans for a few months, I opted to return to using eMeals. Here’s why:

Real Plans offers really nice features that allow you to fully customize your meal plans. You can even exclude very specific ingredients. Once you make your selections, your plan will be delivered to you each week. It’s great. It was just too many options for me.

eMeals delivers a weekly meal plan with minimal customization. I prefer that approach. I want someone to hand me a meal plan. That’s what eMeals does – I don’t have to do anything except for choose which category I want. I subscribe to the Paleo plan and make minor substitutions when I cook if needed to accommodate the gluten and dairy allergy.

Real Plans offers breakfast, lunch and supper planning options for the price of your subscription. That’s also great. However, I found that I didn’t use the breakfast or lunch planning options. eMeals has separate subscriptions for each meal. When they offered half price subscriptions in the fall, I purchased both a lunch and supper plan.

Each plan has recipes that my family does and doesn’t like. Each plan offers a good variety. Each plan is worth the subscription fee. I’d recommend either one; you really have to test drive them to find the best fit for you and your family.

For me, eMeals is the simpler of the two, and it works for my family.


MIA Blogger

Just wanted to post a quick update about this blog. My computer died approximately 300 days ago.

Long story short, it was an old laptop that I didn’t feel was worth repairing, and I haven’t replaced it with anything else.

The result = MIA blogger.

Until I get reconnected, feel free to peruse past postings!

The Redhead’s Skin Care Routine

Every now and then, I get asked about my skin care routine.

Here it is, if you’re curious:



That’s it! I don’t even use a cleanser!

This is the result! (In full disclosure, my hair usually does not look like this. It’s usually curly. I’d just been to the salon, and my fantastic stylist straightened it after my cut!)


This is me, only with straight hair!

The Perfect Tote Bag: Madewell Transport Tote

Last year, I was on a quest to find the perfect tote bag.

I found it!

Let me introduce to you the Madewell Transport Tote. The. Best. Tote. Bag. Ever.

Since August, I’ve been carrying this bag on a daily basis, so I’ve had some opportunity to test it. It’s even been to Atlanta for a work trip.

It’s beautiful. It’s roomy. It fits nicely on my shoulder. It’s durable.

I purchased this bag with some trepidation because it was – for me, anyway – an expensive purchase. But I’d carried my Timbuk2 bag for so long that I knew I wanted a tote bag with the same kind of staying power.

Conclusion: The Madewell Transport Tote is worth every single penny.

Proof: My sis-in-law liked mine so well, she bought one, too!

It’s 2015. I’m back, and I have some goals.

Like it or not, it’s a new year, and I’m back to blogging!

With a new year come new goals.

My verse for the year is Ephesians 4:29. Words can hurt, or words can help. I get to choose. God has given me the gift of words; it’s my opportunity to use them to His glory.

Here are my two simple goals for the year:

  • Finish organizing my office.

My fantastic mother-in-law has set me up for success with this one. She not only spearheaded the effort to put together the shelves I purchased for the room, but she also has unpacked most of the boxes in that room. All I have to do is purge some things and organize it. Really, it’s that simple.

  • Build relationships.

I’m great at making plans that never happen. Months may pass by before I realize I have no idea what’s happening in a friend’s life. This year, I’m not going to wait until that “perfect moment” to get together with someone. This year, I’m just going to invite someone over for tea, or supper or whatever. It doesn’t matter if the kids interrupt 150 times, or if I haven’t mopped the floor in a while, or if I still have a messy pile of mail on the table. People are important. Relationships are important. Letting God use you in someone else’s life is important.

Do you have any goals for the year? Please share!