BP Builds Four Raised Garden Beds

BP’s got a really green thumb. I do not. (Yes, not only is BP really good looking, but he also can grow things. What a catch!)

This year, BP decided it was time for us to have a vegetable and herb garden. Since I enjoy cooking and using fresh produce when I cook, I was thrilled with the idea.

A few weeks ago, BP built four raised garden beds. He measured and cut and built all day.

BP cutting wood

BP cutting wood for the raised garden beds

BP building a garden bed

BP building

BP and garden beds

Three done! One to go.

Once all four boxes were put together, BP started measuring and digging. Then, I became a garden widow while he spent hours and hours and hours online researching the best soil/compost mixture for our new garden.

But he did get the information he wanted and then proceeded to bring home truckloads of stuff to fill in the garden boxes.

BP and garden beds

BP's raised garden beds, complete with soil

Stay tuned for future garden updates.


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