2010: The Year of the Baby

the happy couple

me and BP

2010 is (unofficially) the Year of the Baby. BP and I know of (or are acquainted with) approximately 30 people welcoming babies into their families this year.

We recently found out that we are going to be one of those families!

BP and I are expecting our first baby around Dec. 20. What a great Christmas gift, right?

Yes, we are getting in on the tail end of the Year of the Baby, and we’re excited about that!

This June will mark our seven-year wedding anniversary, and this fall, we will have been inseparable for 13 years.

I guess some (my mother) would say, “It’s about time.” We say, “It’s all in God’s time.”


7 thoughts on “2010: The Year of the Baby

  1. Ray was due on the 21st and was born on the 24th! He was the best Christmas present ever. Hope you are feeling well. I am so happy for you and Ben!


  2. I’m so happy for you! You’ve been smiling more lately. Now I know why.
    Anna was due Dec. 24. She came a few days before the New Year and gave us a tax deduction.


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