Eat We Must: Facing the Supper Challenge with Two Kiddos at Home

Now that BP and I have two kids, we’re once again faced with the challenge of figuring out how to get healthy meals on the table quickly. Though I’m not staunchly opposed to take-out, I feel better about things when we’re eating a healthy, home-cooked meal.

Just when I was getting a routine figured out with Kid #1, I need to change it all over again.

I’ve written before about eMeals, a meal planning service that I subscribe to. It’s been very helpful, but while we’re still in the New Baby Stage, even those meals can be too time-consuming.

Enter: freezer meals.

Quite some time ago, I started following Once A Month Mom. The author offers entire menus that can be prepared in advance and frozen. I’m not willing to devote an entire day to preparing meals, but I recently began pulling a few ideas from her site.

Last night, for example, I put together four slow cooker meals in 30-45 minutes right after the baby went to sleep for (half) the night. I prepared two baked bean chicken bags and two rosemary pot roast bags. Those puppies are sitting in my freezer as we speak (or read, whatever)!

My plan is to put together one or two freezer meals with each grocery trip, which ends up being about weekly for us. For now, I’m choosing the meals that require no cooking before putting them into the freezer.

Of course, last week when I decided to pursue this plan, I found a crack in the crock of my slow cooker. My small appliances hate me. Last year, the salad spinner, blender and microwave all bit the dust. This year, we’re starting out with the slow cooker. *sigh*

But, I carry on, with a new slow cooker freshly delivered from Amazon.


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