We’re Watching TV Again


Several years ago, BP and I stopped paying for television service, and we never got around to getting a digital converter box. We had no television stations.

And it was awesome. Seriously.

We talked to each other, played cards, got things done around the house and after our son was born at the end of 2010, interacted with him.

This past December, we made the decision to turn the TV back on. Mostly, the decision was fueled by my impending maternity leave and the knowledge that I would be up at night, maybe all night, often, and I wanted to have something to “do” while I was nursing a baby. I also realized that I may need an electronic babysitter during the day for my two-year-old. (Yes, shame on me. Go ahead, say it.)

We purchased a refurbished Roku streaming player and signed up for a streaming subscription from Netflix.

Though I do miss our television-free days, we’re keeping the subscription for now. And if you’re considering your options, it’s not a bad way to go. The Roku box was a one-time purchase of about $60, and the Netflix subscription is $7.99/month.

The content for adults is fine for BP and me; there are a fair number of movies that interest us if we really want to watch something. And we’ve even found a few TV series that we enjoy: “Monk,” “Merlin” and “Numbers.”

The children’s content is decent, as well. Elias loves “Curious George,” “Go, Diego, Go” and a number of other old-school cartoons that I remember from my childhood (which included a whole lot of TV watching).

In the end, I’m okay with having the television on again, but I do see us cutting it out again at some point.


2 thoughts on “We’re Watching TV Again

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