House Hunt: House Tour #1

The house hunt continues. Ben and I finally found one that we were interested in enough to walk through it. It’s an early 1900s farm house, for sale by owner, a very nice older couple. The last person to live in the house was the husband’s father. We had no idea what the inside of this place looked like before going in yesterday; the exterior of the property interested us enough to make us want a closer look.

It meets several of our criteria:

  • A property in the country, in the northern half of the county, with room for some farm animals and four-wheelers and such. (It’s actually not quite in our desired county, but it’s just over the line. And, it has one close
  • At least three bedrooms. It has five, actually.
  • Under $150,000.
  • Main-floor laundry.
  • Non-leaky basement. It’s old, but it’s decent.

It does not have:

  • Two bathrooms. This one has 1.5 baths, and the .5 bath could easily be converted to a full by taking out an adjacent closet.
  • Attached garage. The garage is a nice-sized, three-car garage, but it is not attached. With little kids, this doesn’t thrill me.
  • Full-size dishwasher. Or any dishwasher. In fact, it comes with no appliances.
  • Open floor plan. As in most old farmhouses, it was kind of choppy, with lots of doors. Everywhere. I think there was more than one way into every room.
  • Single story. It’s an old farmhouse; none of them are single story.

The yard was nice and shady.


Nice, shady backyard

And the view from the back of the property is great, nothing but fields.


The view from the back of the property

The kitchen, though cute and well maintained, would need a complete overhaul. I love some vintage charm, but I also love the conveniences of a modern day kitchen. And darn it, I am getting a dishwasher this time.

vintage mint kitchen

Cute vintage kitchen

Likewise, the bathrooms need completely redone.

built-in storage in bathroom

Built-in storage in main floor bathroom, next to pink sink


Upstairs half-bath

The floors in the upstairs bedrooms were very nice hardwoods, but the carpeting in other areas of the house would need to go.

wood flooring

Nice wood floors in upstairs bedrooms

View into dining room and living room; carpeting needs to go

View into dining room and living room; carpeting needs to go

The slate roof is original, as are the windows. From 1918ish. Shall we talk about inefficient heating?

At one time, this house had two staircases. A door on the second floor opens to a half staircase. Literally. The door opens to a half-torn-out stairwell. It is kind of creepy. The bottom half was removed and a closet built in on the first floor in its place. I guess they just didn’t know what to do with the rest of the space. Now, it’s just waiting to swallow small children.

Creepy old second staircase, half demolished and left to tempt two-year-olds

Creepy old second staircase, half demolished and left to tempt two-year-olds

All in all, this was a very old, kind of quirky, but quite solid farmhouse. It has lots of character, but it just requires far more work than Ben and I are willing (or financially able) to take on.


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