House Hunt: House Tour #2

If you missed the first house tour, click here!

Ben and I had an opportunity to tour a house that wasn’t yet on the market. What interested us in the property was the lot and the area in general. It’s located on a fairly quiet road, and it comes with a gigantic back yard. The kiddos would love it. Check out this view:

The view out the back of the house

The view out the back of the house

(Forewarning: this post doesn’t have many photos because the house wasn’t ready to be shown, and I doubt the owners would appreciate me posting photos of all of their stuff and personal photographs.)

The property fulfills a lot of items on our wish list:

  • A property in the country, in the northern half of the county, with room for some farm animals and four-wheelers and such. The lot is huge, and it’s on a low-traffic road. The location is great; 10-15 minutes from my work, church and the school.
  • At least three bedrooms. The third bedroom is very, very small, but it does have three, with room on a lower level to make another one if we needed to.
  • Main-floor laundry. It doesn’t just have main-floor laundry; it has a small laundry room!
  • Two bathrooms. This one has 2.5 baths, all of which are in need of an update, but they all are functional.
Full bath desperately in need of an update

Full bath desperately in need of an update

  • Attached garage. The garage is a two-car garage, and there’s also an outbuilding where Ben could put his lawn equipment, tools and other manly-type things.
  • Full-size dishwasher.

It does not have:

  • Open floor plan. Sort of. The floor plan isn’t terrible. Though it’s not as wide open as I’d like, there are fairly good sight lines to all parts of the house from the kitchen.
  • Single story.
  • Non-leaky basement. It does have a small basement, but one of the walls needs replaced because there’s a crack in it.

There are a few other negatives to the property, but we feel like the positives outweigh the negatives.

It may or may not be in our price range of less than $150,000. Since it’s not officially on the market, we’re not entirely sure, but we know it’s close.


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