Fashion Friday: Stitch Fix Review #3

This whole Stitch Fix thing is getting addicting. They explain how it works very simply on their site. It is so. much. fun. opening that box of clothing to see what’s inside.

Here’s a link to my first fix and second fix, in case you missed them.

My stylist this time was Jackie, and she picked some really great pieces, aside from one that was just bad all around.

I ended up keeping only one piece, however, and I love it. I don’t own anything like it nor would I have considered it if I’d been shopping on my own. When I tried it on for Ben, his reaction was undoubtedly positive. AND, I’m finally jumping into the whole chevron craze! (Hey, I never claim to be a fashion-forward gal.)

The dress is the Amanda Chevron Print Dress by Angie. (Sorry, I didn’t get a full-body shot. It’s knee length, which is perfect for me!) I wore it the weekend I received it to our 10-year anniversary supper!

Interested in trying Stitch Fix? Here’s a referral link, which gives me store credit, if you’re so inclined: click here! Thanks a bunch!


Me and Ben at a 10-year anniversary celebration supper!


5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Stitch Fix Review #3

  1. You look BEAUTIFUL! I tried to sign up, BUT…shocker! Just like most in life, they dont help plus sized girls! LOL I am 6’2″ and wear an 18. I am bigger, but not ultra big for my hieght. Oh well, maybe they will some time.


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