It’s Official: We Found a New Place

pretty backyard

It’s official! This backyard view will soon be ours to enjoy!

I’ve been cautiously optimistic about sharing too much too soon, but with closing scheduled for the end of July, Ben and I are feeling quite optimistic about the new house we found!

We sold our house in April, moved in with Ben’s parents in May and learned about this house soon after. It was a for-sale-by-owner situation, and it wasn’t advertised. In fact, we found out it was going to be for sale through a coworker, and we were blessed to make a deal on it before it went on the market!

As soon as we saw the location, we were sold: five acres on a quiet road, conveniently located from my job, the school and our church.

The house was built in the late ’60s and only had one owner. Though it is in dire need of an update and some routine maintenance, it’s been well cared for by the family who owns it.

The woman who owns the house wanted to meet us before the sale was final. Ben and I met her this week, and although she is sad about leaving her family home, she is a sweet lady who wants us to pay special attention to her columbine plants, asparagus plot and a beautiful tree by the driveway. We’re more than happy to oblige, and in fact, we love fresh asparagus!

We are feeling very blessed with this situation, and it has been so obvious throughout this entire process that God has His hand in it. From the way a buyer for our house fell into our laps, to the graciousness of Ben’s parents in welcoming us into their home, to the way in which we found our new place, we’ve experienced God’s favor.


4 thoughts on “It’s Official: We Found a New Place

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