Fashion Friday: Stitch Fix Review #6

Let me begin by stating that this post is way, way overdue. I actually received this fix in the fall!  

What’s a Fix, you ask? It’s a clothing shipment from Stitch Fix, a personal shopping company. Check out my other Fixes: #1, #2, #3, #4. Pay a $20 styling fee, which can be used toward your purchase, and clothing is delivered directly to your doorstep to try on at home. Drop the items you don’t want back in the mail. Easy and fun. Want to give it a try? I’d be forever grateful if you used my referral link!

Anyways, what I kept from this Fix was a new shirt to wear with new (well, in the fall, they were new) skinny jeans! (And yes, I realize I am years behind on this trend. I’m okay with that.)

Fix #6 had several really cute items in it – including two blazers that I really wish had fit me well. But, back they went because they just weren’t quite right in all the right places.

Here’s a pic of me wearing the shirt from Fix #5 after a dinner out to celebrate my brother’s birthday!

Stitch Fix dolman top

Irene, Brie, Ben, Blake and Elias




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