30 Days of Thankfulness, Day 11: Having a Home Church

Today, I am thankful for a church family and a church home.

Over the past several years, Ben and I have made Gateway Church our church home, and the people there are our church family.

We appreciate that the messages are Bible centered. (Yes, believe it or not, there are some churches who offer non-Bible-centered messages.)

We appreciate the children’s programming.

We appreciate the life groups.

We appreciate the many other activities that bring us closer together.

If you live in our area, check it out!


Kindness in the Snow

This post is a quick add-on to yesterday’s post on giving as an example of people helping people.

You just never know where or when you’ll find kindness. Today it was in Findlay, Ohio.

Headed home for my lunch break, I made a bad driving decision and got my car stuck — and I mean really stuck — in the snow while trying to turn into the alley beside my house. BP was working out of town for the day, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

A young man happened to be walking down the alley toward me. He offered to help push me out. After several tries, which didn’t even budge the car, a truck stopped, and another man came to help. After several more tries with the two of them, the car still wasn’t moving. Just then, a bucket truck came driving down the road and stopped. The driver offered to help, as well.

The three of them were able to push my car out of the snow while I gave it the gas. The guy driving the bucket truck even plowed the alley after I moved the car!

I do not know who these men were, but I am thankful for their kindness today. It is much appreciated.

We Need Bread Kneads

The line was wrapped around the little room, past the case of freshly baked cookies and breads, turning the corner by the door and tapering off near customers eating lunch at Bread Kneads in Findlay, Ohio. This scene is common there, on the last business day prior to a holiday, and I was part of it.

You needn’t even ask what patrons are standing in line for because it’s obvious as you see each customer turn from the cash register with her arms full of the most delicious poppy seed dinner rolls ever to land on your tastebuds.

BP and I quickly volunteered to bring the rolls to Thanksgiving lunch this year – a lunch that would not be quite complete without Bread Kneads’ contribution. And so last week, I placed my call to put my order in for two dozen. (So sorry to those who did not get a dozen or two. Your meal will be good, I’m sure, but not as good as ours.)

The gals at Bread Kneads stay up all night long baking, which means the rolls I took home today were pulled fresh from the oven just hours before my arrival. Mmmmmm.

Now, if I can find a place to hide them from BP this evening so that we have enough for tomorrow …

I Will Vote Yes, Again

Proposed North Middle School, Findlay, OH

Proposed North Middle School, Findlay, OH

On Nov. 3, my husband and I will vote “Yes!” for Findlay City Schools, again.

Here are the reasons why:

  • We want property values (including our own) to increase.
  • The federal government will not save our city, nor should we let them try. (You may already have noticed, this plan would fail.)
  • Why not take advantage of extra state funds available now? We all pay taxes anyways, let’s get some of the money back.
  • We want Findlay to remain an attractive city for families – and businesses. Dilapidated school buildings are not attractive, and families will move elsewhere.
  • It makes sense to take care of our schools now, before the kids are required to start wearing helmets and air filter masks.

Voting “Yes!” makes nothing but perfect sense. In what other way can you increase both your property value and the overall attractiveness of your city with such a small investment? Approval of the levy will cost a homeowner with a $100,000 home approximately an additional $131.69/year.

That’s an extra $10.97/month, which is (approximately) the equivalent of the following non-essential purchases:

  • 3 fancy coffee drinks.
  • 1 large pizza.
  • 1 NetFlix subscription.
  • (insert your number here) alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

What are you purchasing each month that you could live without?

Considering the average homeowner’s monthly budget, which generally includes cell phone service, Internet, cable television, groceries, eating at a restaurant and a little entertainment, doesn’t it seem silly that any homeowner couldn’t carve out $10.97 a month for something that will benefit everyone?

Oh, and if you rent – you can help improve the city by voting “Yes!” and it won’t even cost you a dime.

Vote “Yes!” for Findlay!

Read more about the levy: http://www.findlaylevy.com/