Cookie-Baking Review

The cookie baking extravaganza is complete! Here’s how it went:

cookie dough

BP helped me mix up two double batches of cookie dough.

rolled-out cookie dough

I rolled the dough to about 1/4-inch.
snowflake cookies

These lovely little snowflakes were the first to go into the oven.

cookies smashed on the floor

Those same lovely little snowflakes ended up in a pile on the floor. (sigh)

Christmas tree cookies

The first successful batch out of the oven.

lots of cookies

I baked lots and lots of cookies.

Christmas tree cookies

I thought these little Christmas trees turned out super cute.


I had some help with the decorating, and there were cookies as far as the eye could see (or maybe just covering the entire dining room table).


The Baking Will Soon Begin

Christmas cookies

BP and my first attempt at cut-out cookies in 2006. Ugly? Yes. Fun? Definitely.

In just a few short days, I will undertake a cookie-baking extravaganza.

It will begin Friday evening, with the mixing of cookie dough to chill in the refrigerator overnight. It will begin again on Saturday, with the rolling of dough and cutting of dough and baking of dough. The entire experience will culminate with some serious decorating.

And I’m ready for it. I’ve got the cookie cutters: snowflakes, Santa, a reindeer, a package with a bow, an angel and Christmas trees (thanks to a super sweet coworker who added those!). I’ve got decorating supplies: frosting tips, food coloring, sprinkles, sparkles and red hots. And, most importantly, I’ve got BP to help.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to create the same kind of cookie deliciousness that my mom achieves every year, but I’ll give it my best. After growing up eating the very, very best cut-out cookies every Christmas, the bar is set high.

I’ve only attempted it once before, three years ago. They tasted okay, and we got a little carried away with the decorations. But, it was fun, and I can only believe this time around will be even better.

Let it begin!

We Need Bread Kneads

The line was wrapped around the little room, past the case of freshly baked cookies and breads, turning the corner by the door and tapering off near customers eating lunch at Bread Kneads in Findlay, Ohio. This scene is common there, on the last business day prior to a holiday, and I was part of it.

You needn’t even ask what patrons are standing in line for because it’s obvious as you see each customer turn from the cash register with her arms full of the most delicious poppy seed dinner rolls ever to land on your tastebuds.

BP and I quickly volunteered to bring the rolls to Thanksgiving lunch this year – a lunch that would not be quite complete without Bread Kneads’ contribution. And so last week, I placed my call to put my order in for two dozen. (So sorry to those who did not get a dozen or two. Your meal will be good, I’m sure, but not as good as ours.)

The gals at Bread Kneads stay up all night long baking, which means the rolls I took home today were pulled fresh from the oven just hours before my arrival. Mmmmmm.

Now, if I can find a place to hide them from BP this evening so that we have enough for tomorrow …