BP and His Big Garden

BP not only plants four small raised garden beds in our backyard, but he also plants a giant garden at his parents’ house.

Really, it is giant.

BP and his big garden

This is BP standing in the middle of his garden. From this view, there are still several rows that can’t been seen.

His plan is to can or freeze spaghetti sauce, salsa, tomatoes in various forms, green beans, corn and I can’t remember the others!

He plants squash and zucchini because I love them (and my mom makes a mean zucchini bread).

BP working in the garden

BP uses his big guns to work in his big garden.

This guy works diligently to research, plant and care for his veggies until they’re ready for me to eat. How does he get it all done? Time, lots and lots of time! And dedication. I love that guy.

And just to be clear, this really is BP’s garden. I don’t help him. In fact, I start to melt if I’m out in the heat for too long.


The Gardener is Back

BP’s ready to get his garden growing again this year, but this time, he has a head start!

garden starts

the start of a beautiful garden

My handsome gardener (BP, in case you were confused) set up a growing station in the basement. It’s basic but functional: a six-foot folding table, lights hung low over top, some foil-looking stuff around the edges to hold in heat, and plants. BP’s starts include several varieties of tomatoes and some cabbage. There is even a little section of tomatoes for our friend, SH, who just moved into a new house and wants to plant a garden this year!

tomato plants

SH's tomatoes

All of these starts, except for SH’s, will be planted in BP’s raised garden beds that were built last year. Stay tuned for updates.

BP and his plants

BP's starts are doing really well. He's excited. Can you tell?

May Garden Update

Now that it’s the end of May, we have more salad greens than any two people ever could eat!

The spinach, arugula and two different kinds of lettuce are growing faster than we can keep up. Though not ready for picking, the green onions and broccoli are getting bigger daily. Cilantro, basil and tomatoes are picking up their pace and look promising.

Everything is delicious, and we will for sure be eating more salad this week!


spinach, lettuce and green onion


broccoli and herbs

BP Builds Four Raised Garden Beds

BP’s got a really green thumb. I do not. (Yes, not only is BP really good looking, but he also can grow things. What a catch!)

This year, BP decided it was time for us to have a vegetable and herb garden. Since I enjoy cooking and using fresh produce when I cook, I was thrilled with the idea.

A few weeks ago, BP built four raised garden beds. He measured and cut and built all day.

BP cutting wood

BP cutting wood for the raised garden beds

BP building a garden bed

BP building

BP and garden beds

Three done! One to go.

Once all four boxes were put together, BP started measuring and digging. Then, I became a garden widow while he spent hours and hours and hours online researching the best soil/compost mixture for our new garden.

But he did get the information he wanted and then proceeded to bring home truckloads of stuff to fill in the garden boxes.

BP and garden beds

BP's raised garden beds, complete with soil

Stay tuned for future garden updates.