Dr. Seuss Themed Kids’ Birthday Party

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. This party took place in December, nearly five whole months ago. But it was so cute, I still wanted to share it!

Anyways, moving on …

Elias was turning 3, and Eva was turning 1 in December, so I decided to do a joint birthday party with family at our house — which we had just moved into in November. I went with the Dr. Seuss theme because (1) it’s adorable; (2) my children love to read; and (3) it was a good choice for a dual boy-girl theme.

My ultra-talented brother and sister-in-law created the invitations for me, as well as a scrapbook page for guests to fill out (much like I did for Elias’ first birthday party in 2011) and super cute cupcake toppers. (They also have an Etsy site.)

Dr. Seuss cupcake toppers

Cute cupcake toppers, made by Irene

It was a fairly simple birthday party, but I still wanted to add something fun and extra special. I decided on a photo booth, and Irene really took the lead in putting it together. She made some really fun decorations and props, and the resulting photos were great. Irene even brought her updated version of a Polaroid camera so guests could see their pictures immediately; those will go into the scrapbook with the notes from family.

Dr. Seuss photo booth

The Patterson family

Irene’s photo props were so darn adorable, the photographer, Tiffany, who did Eva’s one-year photos suggested we use them in the photo shoot. The results were awwwww-inducing cute! Tiffany also did our family photos in the fall.

Dr. Seuss themed photo shoot

Photos by Levenhagen Photography


Little Man First Birthday Party

happy birthday banner

Happy first birthday to our little man!

Okay, so Little Bundle of Joy turned a year old on Dec. 25, and I’ve been more than negligent in updating this blog. But, his birthday party theme was so darn stinking cute, I couldn’t resist sharing it, although a little late. (In the photo above, the birthday banner is from Etsy shop, Round the Bend.)

Because BP and my families are so large, we limited the guest list to only immediate family and a couple of people who Little Bundle of Joy interacts with on a regular basis. We’d have loved to have invited everyone we know and love, but we didn’t have that kind of space, or budget!

The theme: our little man.

cupcake toppers

Little Man cupcake toppers

scrapbook pages

Little Man scrapbook pages

Little Brother and The Fiance, who own a graphic design business, designed the invitations, cupcake toppers and 8×8 scrapbook page (which party guests filled out while they were seated at the tables). All I provided was the text, and Little Brother took it from there.

Little Brother even took it upon himself to have an adorable, giant birthday poster printed for the party. I couldn’t have asked for anything cuter! It all was adorable. (And, as a side note, Little Brother took all the pictures from the party, too.)

Mom, Dad, baby with poster

BP and me with Little Bundle of Joy in front of the poster Little Brother made

Little Bundle of Joy wore a very appropriate T-shirt, which I purchased from We Choose Joy on Etsy.

baby on toy cell phone

My Mom made mustache-shaped cookies, using cookie cutters I purchased from Fuzzy Ink and her super-delicious recipe passed down from her mother.

mustache-shaped cookies

The Fiance used the same cookie cutters to trace and cut out mustaches, which she glued to sticks. They made for fun photo props and entertainment.

couple with mustaches on sticks

Little Brother and The Fiance, modeling mustaches on sticks

BP and I made dozens of chocolate lollipops using a mustache candy mold.

chocolate mustache lollipop

For centerpieces, I ordered white, red and black candies and displayed them in canning jars, which BP and I already owned.

candy centerpieces

Happy first birthday to my sweet little man!

baby with cake on face

Mmmm, that’s some good cake!

There are Just Some Things You’ll Never Outgrow

Me, enjoying my very first birthday celebration

Me, enjoying my very first birthday celebration

I guess there are some things you just never outgrow – for me, it’s getting excited about my birthday.

And with a husband, in-laws and divorced parents, I get plenty of opportunities to celebrate. In fact, I am lucky enough to be able to celebrate my birthday at least four times each year. Ridiculous? Possibly. But I love it.

I love hearing from family and friends I haven’t heard from in a while.

I love getting to choose a dinner destination with no objections from anyone – and ordering dessert.

I love getting my husband all to myself for an entire day.

I love the birthday games my mother-in-law puts together, and the special blessing she writes for each of her family members on their birthdays.

I love hearing my dad tell me he was the best birthday gift he ever received (we share a birthday).

Having just finished my final birthday celebration of this year, I’m already looking forward to the next.

Maybe this guy said it best:

Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years.  We grow old by deserting our ideals.  Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.  ~Samuel Ullman