MIA Blogger

Just wanted to post a quick update about this blog. My computer died approximately 300 days ago.

Long story short, it was an old laptop that I didn’t feel was worth repairing, and I haven’t replaced it with anything else.

The result = MIA blogger.

Until I get reconnected, feel free to peruse past postings!


30 Days of Thankfulness, Day 10: Internet

Today, I am thankful for the Internet.

More specifically, I am thankful for high-speed Internet.

(Yes, I know how very first-world this post is.)

But seriously, because of the Internet, I have vast amounts of information at my fingertips within seconds. I can shop for any number of items (and find the best price) without having to haul my children to a store. I can donate to my favorite causes and pay my bills without ever having to write a check. And, it makes my job so much easier.

Have you ever really stopped to think about how super awesome the Internet really is?

Feedly: My Google Reader Replacement

Google announced its plan to discontinue its
Google Reader service
, which I’d used every single day
for a long time. It was so nicely integrated with my other Google
accounts. *sigh* What was a girl to do? After reading several
articles on suggested replacements, I’d narrowed it down to the Old
Reader and Feedly, neither of which I was thrilled about exploring.
First, I tried the Old Reader. I found the process to
import my Google Reader information confusing, and it took a really
long time. The interface was straightforward, very similar to
Google Reader. Then, I tried Feedly. *Cue angels singing* It was so
simple! I logged in using my Google information, and then voila!
All of my feeds appeared within seconds. But that’s not all. My
entire reader experience improved! The Feedly interface is very
visually appealing. I’m much more easily able to browse my feeds
and spot articles that sound interesting. I get through a lot more
content than I ever did with Google Reader.

a screen shot from my Feedly

a screen shot from my
Feedly page

In addition, Feedly’s reader organization
system is much easier to use, and it’s visually based with a
drag-and-drop system. Oh, and the mobile
is wonderful, as well. I can quickly and easily scan
feeds from anywhere. In short, I love it. Goodbye, Google Reader. I
don’t miss you already.